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Who is the company founder?

Bashier Yusuf

  • حاصل على الماجستير فى الدراسات الشرق أوسطية من جامعة توبنجن – المانيا
  • Bachelor’s degree in German Language from the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt


  • مترجم قانونى محلف ومعتمد لدى المحاكم والسفارات والدوائر الحكومية فى المانيا وخارجها للغة الألمانية العربية
  • Many years of experience in migration and refugee work
  • Researcher in the Middle East Studies

About us

Pro Translator

Pro Translator is a German company specialized in Arabic and German translation for German embassies, ministries, authorities and government agencies all over the world and your destination when you need to translate documents (such as birth or marriage certificate), qualifications (e.g. Bachelor, Master, doctorate or similar degree certificates), legal instruments such as court orders, judgments, indictments or certificates of good conduct) or documents, contracts and agreements, as well as technical and medical translations, as we have a specialized team of certified German/ Arabic Translators who are handling the translation tasks as quick as possible, while ensuring the highest level of quality.